Cressi Lido Wetsuit is a top-notch suit for anyone no matter their experience level or what they want to use it for. This is a lightweight shorty wetsuit that is used in warm waters. It’s not made to keep you warm. It’s made to give you freedom of movement and to help protect you from the sun.

This wetsuit was specifically designed to help protect your body from scraps and cuts that you might receive while enjoying your water sport of choice. It’s made of 2.5 mm thick stretch neoprene. It also has a 1.8 mm thick lining that will mold to your body and help water from running into the suit. Since this suit is made for warmer waters, it will help keep you from overheating when not in the water.


Front zip – Having a front zip wetsuit makes it so much easier to get on and off. The zipper also has a flap on the inside of the suit to help against the zipper rubbing against your skin.

Great protection from the sun –  The suit is coated so that it will help block out harmful rays. This way you can enjoy your day in the water without having to worry about a getting sunburn.

Glued and sewn seams – This feature makes the suit durable. The seams are constructed with a flat lock seam. This helps with minimizing chaffing and irritation. On top of that the seams are then glued which helps with fraying and tearing.

Includes a two-year warranty – If something happens to your suit in the two-year period all you have to do is send it back and they will send a new suit.

High stretch Neoprene – With Cressi Lido using high stretch neoprene you never have to worry about comfort. This wetsuit is designed to mold to the body giving you not only comfort, but you will also have full range mobility.


Stretchy material – Since the Cressi Lido wetsuit is made from stretchy neoprene that keeps you comfortable and will help you stay flexible in the water. You will also be able to enjoy the free range of motion you get from wearing a wetsuit that is made out stretchy neoprene.

UV protection – The entire suit is coated so that you don’t have to worry about the sun and its harmful rays.  This way you will be able to enjoy your whole day out on the water and not get burnt to crisp while doing it.

Durable – This is one suit that is made to last. The cressi wetsuit has flat lock seams that are glued. All this is done to help make the suit last for years.

Warranty – If something were to happen to your wetsuit within two years after you purchased it you don’t have to worry. The cressi comes with a two-year warranty that covers any damage. All you have to do is send the damaged wetsuit in and they will send a new one.


Cut small – The biggest down side to this wetsuit is how it’s cut. The cut is made very small with little give in the bust area. It’s recommended that you go up a size so that you don’t have any problems with the fit.


After reading about all the features the Cressi Lido has to offer, you can see that this wetsuit has a lot to offer you. They made this suit for durability and protection in mind. Not only are you getting protection from the sun’s UV rays, but you are also getting protected from getting any kind of cuts or scrapes.

The Cressi Lido is also made to last. It’s made from stretchy neoprene and it also has flat lock seams, that help with chaffing and irritation. To add extra durability to the seams they are glued together as well. Cressi Lido is so sure of their product that they offer a two-year warranty. If something happens to your wetsuit within the two-year period, all you have to do is send it in and they will send you a new wetsuit.


Let’s see how these great features stand up when we compare the Cressi Lido to other wetsuits. With so many different wetsuits out on the market you need to compare other wetsuits so that you know that you are getting the best wetsuit possible.

Let’s go ahead and compare the O’Neil wetsuit with the Cressi Lido. The O’Neil has a lot of great features and some of those are the same features as the Cressi Lido. However, there is one big difference, the O’Neil doesn’t offer UV protection like the Cressi Lido does.

Now, let’s look at the NeoSport shorty for women. This is another top-rated wetsuit that has some really nice features, but the Cressi Lido has just a few more things going for it. The main thing is the two-year warranty. Not too many other wetsuit companies offer this. Cressi Lido stands by their wetsuits and the two-year warranty proves this.


Now that you got to see how other wetsuits compare to the Cressi Lido women’s wetsuit you know that this wetsuit truly does deserve its five-star rating. It has some of the best features and is definitely worth considering when it comes to buying the perfect wetsuit.

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