Are you looking for a lightweight wetsuit that you can use in warm water? Then you should consider the Phantom Aquatics wetsuit. This wetsuit is made for snorkeling or diving or just plain swimming in warm water. Not only is it lightweight but it also helps to protect you from the sun’s harmful rays.

It’s made to fit snugly against your body so you can have maximum flexibility and free movement in the water. Not only do you get great movement and protection from the sun, but it’s also made so that it’s quick drying. This is a great feature for someone that is in and out of the water daily. You can stay in the Phantom Aquatics all day. Its lightweight design allows you to wear it underneath your clothes.


UV protection – Helps protect you from getting a sunburn.

Flatlock seam construction – This minimizes any chaffing or irritation since the seams are sewn flat to the wetsuit.

Paddle zones – These are strategically placed and will give you maximum flexibility and movement while in the water.

This wetsuit is made from neoprene.

Many sizes and stylish colors – choosing a size is made easy with the easy to understand sizing chart.


  • UV protection – with UPF 50
  • Flatlock seam construction – so you don’t have to worry about chaffing
  • Flexible – has strategically placed paddle zones
  • Many different colors to choose from


  • Not made for cold water – So, if you’re looking for a suit that will help you stay warm in cold water then give the Phantom Aquatics full suit a look.


The reason why the Women’s Phantom Aquatics wetsuit is considered to be one of the best warm water wetsuits is because of all the great features it has. Not only do you get to wear a stylish wetsuit, but you will also get the benefit of being protected by the sun’s harmful rays. This way you get to enjoy your time in the water and not have to worry about being burnt to a crisp.

Another thing that makes this wetsuit so great is that it’s made to be quick drying. This way you can spend time in and out of the water without having to bother with taking off the Phantom Aquatics wetsuit.

Since it’s made of a quick drying material you won’t have to worry about your wetsuit chaffing you when you get out of the water. You can wear it underneath your clothes since it’s lightweight and not bulky.


Now that we went over all the different pros and cons of the Phantom Aquatics wetsuit let’s see how well it compares to other wetsuits.

Let’s talk about the O’Neil women’s wetsuit and see how well it stands up to the Phantom Aquatic. First the O’Neil offers a lot of the same features as the Phantom Aquatic, but there is one feature that the O’Neil doesn’t have that the Phantom does have and that is the UV protection.

The Phantom Aquatics can protect you from you getting a nasty sunburn. That is probably one of the most important things that you need to think about when it comes to be out in the water all day long.

Another thing that the Phantom Aquatic offers that the O’Neil doesn’t is the variety of colors. The O’Neil wetsuit does have a selection of colors that you can choose from, but not nearly as many as the Phantom Aquatics wetsuit. And who doesn’t want to be stylish while spending the day swimming.

Another wetsuit that shares many of the same features with Phantom wetsuit is the seavenger. While the seavenger does will help keep you warm in cooler water temperatures in won’t help you from the sun’s rays. It’s also made from a nylon blend where the Phantom Aquatics is made from neoprene.

The Phantom Aquatics also has built in paddle zones that will enhance your mobility in the water. The seavenger doesn’t have those paddles zones. It does have a performance enhancing cut though.

With these two comparisons, you can see why the Phantom Aquatics is one of the top-rated wetsuits on the market.


Now with everything that you have read in this review you can see that the Phantom women’s wetsuit deserves a five-star rating. You can spend all day in the water and not have to worry about the sun. Since there are so many colors to choose from you can be stylish while enjoying a day in the sun.

There is also the benefit of it being lightweight and quick drying, this means that you don’t have to worry about changing out of your wetsuit every time you get out of the water. So, if you’re looking for something that is lightweight and stylish that will easily fit your budget then you should consider the Phantom Aquatics Wetsuit Women’s Voda Premium Shorty.

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