Are you looking for a wetsuit that will give you maximum flexibility, flotation, and speed? Then look at the Women’s Synergy Triathlon Wetsuit. This suit was made so that you can have the perfect balance between flexibility and flotation, which is an excellent feature to consider when purchasing a wetsuit. The Women’s Synergy Triathlon Wetsuit can give you all that and more for a fair price.

The Synergy wetsuit was designed for women of any level swimming ability. It doesn’t matter if you want the wetsuit for a triathlon or just to spend the day swimming in the open water. You can’t go wrong with the Women’s Synergy Wetsuit.


The Synergy Wetsuit is made out of neoprene that’s been treated with silicone. This allows you to glide more effectively through the water, which maximizes your speed and cuts out some of the drag.

It has aqua life panels built into the suit that allow for great flotation and buoyancy while in the water.

There are flex panels built into the chest of the suit to help maximize the flexibility of the suit.

The neck of the suit is made from super thin smoothskin material. This gives you a tight seal but also makes it so it’s comfortable and reduces chaffing. The neck of the suit is also completely adjustable so it will guarantee a perfectly sealed fit.

The inside of the suit is made with a special lining that doesn’t absorb a lot of water, which helps keep the suit from getting heavy and weighing you down.Since the lining doesn’t absorb a lot of water it makes this wetsuit super easy to take off.


  • Great for triathlons
  • East to take off
  • The built-in flex panels give you a wide range of motion


  • Difficult sizing- Sizing is one of the biggest concerns when it comes to finding the right wetsuit. When choosing the size, you need to consider both height and weight.
  • Slight chaffing at the neck where the Velcro closure is


While there are a ton of different wetsuits out there to choose from the Women’s Synergy Triathlon Wetsuit is one of the best. It’s made to be comfortable, while giving you the flexibility you need to move through the water easily. The material in the inside of the suit is designed to not absorb a lot of water making it easy to take off, which is an awesome feature for women participating in triathlons.

Both experienced and recreational swimmers can use the Women’s Synergy Triathlon Wetsuit. Sizing can be a difficult factor when choosing a wetsuit. In the case of the Women’s Synergy Wetsuit you should choose a size that best fits your weight. With that in mind the sizing chartwill help you choose a size that will fit both your height and weight comfortably. The price is very reasonable and can easily fit into any budget.


Since there are so many different wetsuits on the market let’s go ahead and compare some of the other top rated wetsuits with the Synergy Triathlon Wetsuit.

First, let’s talk about the TYR hurricane sport women’s wetsuit. This wetsuit is made to help you be more flexible in the water and can be used for recreational swimming and it can also be used for the more competitive swimmer.

It does have built in paneling for speed, but it doesn’t have paneling to help with buoyancy like the Synergy Triathlon Wetsuit. The Synergy Triathlon Wetsuit also has a liner built in to keep water from flowing into the wetsuit. This makes it easier to take on and off. The TYR hurricane doesn’t offer this feature.

Now, let’s discuss the O’Neill women’s wetsuit. The O’Neill wetsuit has an adjustable neck that will help give you a good seal. It also has built in kneepads, which is one feature that the Synergy doesn’t have. This wetsuit also has paddle zones that are strategically placed in the suit.


Now that we’ve talked about all the different features and the pros and cons of the Women’s Synergy Triathlon Wetsuit; as well as compared this wetsuit to a couple of other top rated wetsuits let’s go ahead and rate the Women’s Synergy Triathlon Wetsuit.

This wetsuit more than lives up to itsfive-star rating. Not only is it priced to fit any budget, but anyone can use it. It’s simple to put on and taking it off is super easy since the wetsuit is lined with a material that doesn’t absorb a lot of water.

Looking at the suits we compared the Women’s Synergy Triathlon Wetsuit to, you can see that this wetsuit has a lot of great features that will help you swim better and faster. The pros and the great features of this wetsuit outweigh the few cons making this a great choice for anyone considering on buying a wetsuit.

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