Are you looking for something that is stylish, but will still give everything that you’re looking for? Well look no further because the Seavenger shorty wetsuit is what you need. This wetsuit will not only look great on you, but you can use it for any type of water sport you wish. It’s also a great wetsuit to have even if all you do is recreational swimming.

You don’t have to worry about any chaffing or irritation from the stitching because all the stitching is done with the flat lock seam. It’s also made with stretchy neoprene and has stretchy panels in the armpits so that there is no chance of your movements being restricted.


The Seavenger comes with a lot of different features that help makes this one of the best wetsuits on the market. Some of those features include:

  • Stretchy neoprene – using this material allows the wetsuit to mold to your body for a great fit
  • Flat lock seams – minimizes any irritation and chaffing
  • Stretchy armpit panels – These built-in panels are specifically designed to allow you to have complete flexibility while in the water
  • Performance cut – The Seavenger wetsuit is cut so that it contours to your body giving you maximum performance and speed


  • Flat lock seams – The seams are sewn flat to help minimize any chaffing.
  • Armpit panels – These panels help you have full movement of your arms.
  • Performance cut – made to fit flush with your body.


Sizing – These wetsuits tend to run on the small size since they are cut to fit perfectly to your body.


The seavenget shorty wetsuit is the perfect wetsuit to use in warm to cool water. It will help to keep your core warm so you can enjoy your day in the water without freezing. The cut of this wetsuit will keep water from flowing in and out of the suit, which again will help keep you warm. Since the Seavenger is a performance cut you will also get the added benefit of speed and flexibility.

There are other features that set this wetsuit apart from others like it. The armpit panels are a great feature especially for people who want to use the suit for swimming. The stretchy neoprene will also give you plenty of flexibility and allow you move freely. The Seavenger is also easy to get in and out of. It does in zipper up the back, but it has an extra-long zipper leash that makes zipping up this wetsuit a breeze.


Now that you’ve seen what the Seavenger has to offer it’s time to compare it with other top rated wetsuits. You will soon see why the Seavenger is one of the best wetsuits on the market.

First, let’s talk about the U.S Divers shorty wetsuit. This wetsuit has some nice features and most of the features are the same as the Seavenger. There is one feature that the Seavenger has that the U.S diver doesn’t and that is the armpit panels.

The Seavenger will give you more flexibility and movement then the U.S. diver will. So, if you’re looking for a wetsuit to do recreational or completive swimming then the Seavenger is the perfect wetsuit. Not to mention that the Seavenger has a wider range of sizes that you can choose from.

The Unisex shorty wetsuit is another wetsuit that is well known. There are a lot of things that unisex shorty and the Seavenger have in common. Once big difference is that the Seavenger is not unisex. The cut is to precise for that.

The Seavenger is cut for performance, which helps you with flexibility and speed. Having this feature will greatly increase not only movement in the water but it will help you gain speed too. Having that perfect fit will also keep water from getting into your suit, which will help keep your core warm.

Another feature that the Seavenger offers that the unisex wetsuit doesn’t is a wide range of sizing options. The unisex shorty wetsuit only offers a few sizes. And we all know that getting the right size wetsuit is hard enough when you have a bunch of sizes to choose from.


With everything that we have talked about here, it’s obvious that the Seavenger deserves to have a five-star rating. They have some great features that will help you out in the water.

The armpit panels, stretchy neoprene material and the performance cut all work together to give you a wetsuit that not only fits like a dream, but will also give you the flexibility and stretch that you need to have in a great wetsuit.

The performance cut will also help in giving you more speed, which is a great feature to have if you do any kind of competitive swimming. You get all these features at an affordable price too.

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