Selecting the right wetsuit is something you need to invest the right amount of time and energy in. The reason why choosing a wetsuit is something much more than just selecting the next one you lay your hands on is that they are designed with specific activities in mind. Selecting the right wetsuit will ensure that it can do the job for which you buy it.

If you get the right wetsuit, it will protect you from the elements. This will not only help you to keep warmer in the water but comfortable and safer too. There are a number of things you need to consider when you choose your next wetsuit.

How is it constructed? What materials have been used in its production? Do you know the right size? What is your budget? As you choose your wetsuit, keep answering these questions, one by one.

Why Do You Need A Wetsuit?

The purpose for which you want your wetsuit is an important consideration when you choose one. So, start by asking yourself the simple question, what am I going to use my wetsuit for? For example, a person who wants to use their wetsuit for endurance swimming will require a different wetsuit from someone looking for one for say, water skiing.

Different activities have different wetsuit designs which go with them. Speak to the assistants who sell you your suit and ask for advice on which one is the best.

Do You Know The Temperature Of The Water?

If you already know where you are going to use your wetsuit, the better, because then you will select a thickness specific for the temperature. For example, the temperature of the water in the Indian Ocean is generally considered to be higher than that of the Atlantic.

Consider the weather conditions of the location where you plan to use your wetsuit at any particular time in the year. Your next wetsuit is going to depend on them. If you are going to a foreign place where you do not know what the weather conditions are like, take some time to contact shops in that area to find out.

Consider The Construction

As someone who will be using a wetsuit, it is important for you to teach yourself about how these products are constructed. There are basically four types of construction techniques when it comes to these suites.

They are either constructed using flatlock, which is sometimes known as flatstich, or they can be made using overlock stitch. The other two methods of construction include glued and blindstitched (GBS) or seam tape with GBS.

In short, your overlock construction is suitable for those suites that you are going to use at temperatures in excess of 65 degrees Fahrenheit. The stitches of such suites are on the inside. Such seams do allow a little water to penetrate the suit.

Your flatlock or flatstich is more useful in areas where the temperatures are colder. With such suites, the seams are not only stitched, they are glued too. In extremely cold temperatures, choose the blindstitched which goes with seam taping so as to prevent the constant movement of water in and out of the suit.


When choosing a wetsuit, it is important to know beforehand the type of material you want yours to be made from. Also, consider the thickness. A closer look will show you that almost all your wetsuits are made from some form of neoprene. Whatever the manufacturer calls the material from which your next one is made, you just need to ensure that such materials are flexible, warm and long lasting.

Wetsuits come in varying thicknesses. The reason behind this is that they are made for different purposes. This thickness is measured in millimeters. It is quite simple to understand how this thickness is presented.

They use two numbers that are separated by a forward slash. The first number is an indication of the thickness as measured in the torso, while the other tells you how thick the material is on the legs, arms, and shoulders.

Get The Right Size

If you are happy that the suit you want to buy is constructed for your specific purpose, weather conditions, and with the right material, it is now time to look for the right size.  If you are buying online, measure your body, most of these online shops have someone waiting to help.  If you have a choice to buy from a physical shop, try the wetsuits you like and take the one that feels most comfortable.

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