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Cressi Lido womens wetsuit

Cressi Lido Women’s Wetsuit Review

Cressi Lido Wetsuit is a top-notch suit for anyone no matter their experience level or what they want to use it for. This is a lightweight shorty wetsuit that is used in warm waters. It’s not made to keep you warm. It’s made to give you freedom of movement and […]

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Soles up front wetsuit

Soles Up Front Wetsuit Review

Soles Up Front make both children and adult wetsuits. The children’s wetsuit is made from the exact material that goes into making the adult version. Once you are wearing this wetsuit you no longer have to worry about being cold in or out of the water. You will find that […]

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Oneil youth wetsuit

O’Neil Youth Wetsuit Review

Are you looking for a youth wetsuit for your child? If you are then look at the O’Neil youth wetsuit and see what they have to offer. The O’Neil comes in many different sizes and colors. You will have no problem finding a size that will fit any youth. There […]

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Xterra mens volt triathlon wetsuit

Xterra Men’s Volt Triathlon Wetsuit Review

The Xterra volt wetsuit is a great starter wetsuit. It will help you train and get accustomed to swimming with a wetsuit on. Not only is it great for the beginner but an experienced swimmer can also benefit from the Xterra wetsuit. The Xterra volt wetsuit was designed for short, […]

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womens phantom aquatics wetsuit

Women’s Phantom Aquatics Wetsuit Review

Are you looking for a lightweight wetsuit that you can use in warm water? Then you should consider the Phantom Aquatics wetsuit. This wetsuit is made for snorkeling or diving or just plain swimming in warm water. Not only is it lightweight but it also helps to protect you from […]

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Neosport mens zipper vest

NeoSport Men’s Zipper Vest Review

Are you looking for something to help you stay warm while in the water? The NeoSport zipper vest will give you added warmth while still allowing you to have flexibility and a wide range of motion. With its sleeveless construction, you will have full range of motion in your arms, […]

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womens synergy triathlon wetsuit

Women’s Synergy Triathlon Wetsuit Review

Are you looking for a wetsuit that will give you maximum flexibility, flotation, and speed? Then look at the Women’s Synergy Triathlon Wetsuit. This suit was made so that you can have the perfect balance between flexibility and flotation, which is an excellent feature to consider when purchasing a wetsuit. […]

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